1. You’re definetely not 30 yet!! So close, but not close enough.

2. You’ve basically survived the rocky terrain that is your 20′s – now you can kick back and enjoy the last year of 20-something bliss, without all the typical craziness.

3. You don’t have to settle for the job you currently have. You can quit and someone, somewhere will hire you – if only for your ability to get them Twitter followers and Facebook likes.

4. You don’t have to settle for the guy you’re currently dating. He may have been cute five years ago – a real Leo Dicaprio – but will he be cute in five years, when you’re 33 and looking for serious commitment?

5. You’re not only cool – you’re super cool. Everyone secretly wishes they were 29. The teenager who wants to be older and the 40/50 something who wants to be twenty anything.

6. Education is accessible at any age. However, at 29 you can get the education and change careers as if it were the first time!

7. You know exactly who you are. The 20′s are largely about self-discovery. At this point, you’re comfortable with and accepting of whoever that person is.

8. You’re no longer restricted to dreaming. You’ve discovered that dreams are living things waiting for a good spank to get going.

9. Now your parents and older relatives readily ask your opinion on matters. Then they really listen. You’re the wiser kid!

10. You’re still alive & kickin’!

Gisteren ben ik echt 29 geworden! En elk jaar weer kijk ik tegen mijn verjaardag op I mean ouder worden is niet leuk. But you know what: it’s just a number. Mijn bdaybash was zeker a blast! So, ja ik ben 29 en you know what, it’s gonna be a great year!

Thanks to Rhytm and ruffle voor deze coole lijst, waarvan ik het misschien niet met elk puntje eens ben, maar een oppepper is for the ones who lost hope at the almost 30 age ;-)