This week we put Britt Schoorl in the spotlight. This BoardChick and designer is the monthly BoardChick of the Month June in Style Spy, and because her clothing collection appeals me very much, I’d like to give her a feature as a brand on Style Spy. Britt Schoorl is a brand with generally simple, but beautifully tailored, straight to the point design. Somewhere between, simple, elegant, free and relaxed.

Britt has worked in Bondi Beach Australia after completing her undergraduate degree. She combined the things she loves the most: surfing and designing for a clothinging brand.

Britt then decided to go to Bali and to start her own brand. “There, I produced my first collection and some of the products in the Netherlands, now I’m back in my home country to pursue my dreams and to design my own brand.”

Her brand is inspired by her childhood. “I grew up between the fields and farms near the beach, I had the freedom to do my own thing. And with my parents working at a textile printing company, I was born into the world of textiles”

In this world we live in, we just want you to be comfortable, happy and the best version of yourself in the clothes you wear. There is only a small space to sing and dance around and then you do not want to be bothered by a restraining jacket, shirt or pants. You should feel free in your clothes, but yet look sophisticated.

Below are a few items from her shop:


She also designs men’s clothing

Love Love Love the bag collection, what a beautiful pieces!

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