Sometimes you have those weeks, or months, then the bench is your only friend. And too grab the remote control is too much effort. That cooking after working hours is too much. And you look at your watch and think, “Is it only 9 o’clock?”. Because secretly you want to go to sleep already.

Now the sun here in Holland is shining a bit more, I feel better. I have more energy to go to the gym, I can cook more elaborate, I’m starting to crawl out of my winter depression. Because it kinda looks like a winterdepression. And with all the energy flowing through my body again,  I start to plan my evenings again. I go to spinning classes again, do some strength training, and I have the book Kayla Itsines in the pocket. Thursday we looked for a ticket from Lima to Cusco. And I tried to book on Sunday, because the prices should have been lower, but the prices were just going up :(. Friday I slept in the nicest Boutique hostel in Amsterdam, I left – at least it felt like that, the party in the Melkweg Amsterdam – MadNes preparty – way too late, but it was only 2 a.m. and I closed the Saturday with a blacklight party. And yesterday I was hangovah for the third time in a row. The energy is there, but I can’t handle all the beer and sleep late yet. Thirty isn’t the youngest age I suppose ;-) A nice excuse.
Have you got your energy back again?

Hostel Coco Mama, Met winnares van de preparty kaarten Liliane

P.s. een nieuwe wiki op Style Spy, vind hier alle hotels, hostels, b&b’s waar ik ben geweest >> hotels
More to come asap!