I AM so happy with this clean eating and with that, the green smoothie trends. Or did I just sleep beneath a stone and is this just quite normal? Wouldn’t surprise me though, since I get behind now and then. Anyways I am really excited with this made up by someone else avocado basil smoothier recepe. I’m  sucker when it comes to mixing ingredients. Mostly I just mix a banana, some milk and quark in a blender and if I am lucky I end up with a pinch of cinnamon. If I am not I end up with currypowder… .. ewwwww true story. 

But to go back to this creamie smoothie, what do you need:

–  1 big avocado;
–  1 cup of sojamilk;
–  3-4 Leaves of basil;
–  2 ts lime;
–  1 ts honey.

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Throw it in your blender, push the button and you have your delish creamie and above all fulffiling Bacado smoothie. A perfect smoothie for when you go on the road! The taste? Avocado with a twist, the basil makes it more fresh. The original recepe came from this website.

Psst, since an avocado got quite the bit of calories I suggest you keep the rest of your day more light (so no overdose of bread and potatoes ;-).