Fashionbloggers have become that influenced that they launched their own collections, designers named their bags after them (Marc Jacobs BB Bag), or use bloggers as the face of their collection. The biggest bloggers and their collection will be posted in this post! Missed a big one? Tell me!

This week we’ve probably all heard that River Island will launch their new Blogger collectie. River Island claims that bloggers became ambassadeurs of streetstyle and that they’ve become an important element in the fashion-industrie. Apparantly, bloggers aren’t that happy about the collection because they want to distinguish themselves from others by wearing an unique style. What do you think of this? You’ve probably seen one piece in every fashionbloggers wardrobe, isn’t that just copying eachother to be unique? Or do you think it is not a unit as long as the blogger translates this piece to his or her own style? I’m looking forward to your answer!