Nuria (22) from Rijswijk, Holland is one of my daily readers and todays she is the Boardchick of the week! Nuria is a snowboarder and also got her windsurf brevet in tha pocket. She has always been a skieer, but when she discovered snowboarding in 2007 she is a big fan, i rephrase A BIG fan of it. 

Name: Nuria
Favorite brands: Roxy, Burton & O’Neill
Boardcheck: Burton flying V feelgood 149
Fears? When I started I found making curves and speed a bit scared, but it goes much better now. Dreamlocation: Aspen
Looking up to: Seeing Pro’s

Evey: Hi Nuria, fun to see you hear instead of in the comments ;-). What makes snowboarding so much fun for you?

The most fun is the feeling you get when on top of a mountain and looking over a a big valley. This feeling is just hard to describe and explain to people who have never been to the slopes Also the ultimate freedom when going down is a great feeling, turning and feeling the wind at you cheeks. I would even trade it for a holiday in the sun!

Evey: How do you stay fit?

I never practice, maybe a bit stupid, because practice makes the best!

Evey: How do you stay fit?

Because I play hocket all the time, my condition is very good. Besides that I actually don’t do anything else.

Evey: What’s your favourite destination?

I really like Andorra! I’ve been there last year. I’m not looking for funparks or steep slopes, I just wanna have fun, going downhill quite relaxt.

Evey: What else do you do besides boarden? 

When I was 12 I earned my windsurfcertificate, but never did anything with it. I also did some surfing, but I’m not very good at it. I also play hockey and try to go to the gym ones or twice a week.

Evey: How would you describe your clothing style?

That’s pretty hard to describe, I like to combine fashion with what I like. It depends on the mood:  sporty-chic would pretty much describe it.

Evey: What are your plans for the summer?

I’m busy thinking what to do. My boyfriend wants to go diving and I think that would be fun as well! But no concrete plans are made.

I really like this category board chick of the week! It’s so much fun reading about girls and their passion for the boardsports. Keep up the good work! !