Christmas gifts ideas!

Do you have of the Saint and his shots have not gotten everything what your heart desires? Not to worry, because Santa Claus is coming again in the direction of our country jayj! Time to get some nice Christmas gifts to conceive and on your Christmas list. I have found some nice ornaments that I do the best man would like to get (a)! Of course, in red and grey dôh. Hopefully he comes towards France, but that should be fine with his supersonic sleigh, what you know? Christmas gifts tips and ideas

1. As seen at blogger Ps by Dila sold out at River Island. Similar here 2. Pom Pom by Oh So Hip, sold out but available 3. Citybook Moleskine New York 4. Hema hanging lamp, sold out, similar in multiple colors here 5. Zara Pillow sold out, similar here 6. VT Living Lamp sold out, similar here 7. Lomography Camera sold out, similar here.

Somethin' you like?