You will find the term Stash a lot on beautyblogs. A few days ago I did not know what this word meant. Today I can tell you that Stash stands for supply. Beautybloggers use this term for their make-up collection, how they save it, how big it is and ofcourse: What is in it!

My stash is pretty big if I may say and therefore I will not show you my entire stash, but just some bits and pieces of it, My Daily Stash excluding make-up. I’ll promise a make-up stash soon!

I us the cleanser from the Dutch shop Hema for my face. To close the pores I use a tonic from Lancome. I used to have the cleanser from Lancomes collection, but I used it all way before the cleanser. At the moment I bought the one from Hema mu budget was kinda tight. Lucky for me I got a parttime job now!

The bodylotion is from Dove and had a 50% discount because it’s a Winter edition is. I think it was a good bargain since the weather in Holland is still cloudly and chilly.

The eyemake-up remover is from the Dutch drugstore Etos. I actually don’t really like this one so I bought oily remover pads from the same brand. Now I get a bit dizzy because the oil sticks on my eyes for some time.Any one knows a good eyeremover brand of has an advice?

I momentarily owe a moisturizer from Essence and a daycream from Dove. The daycream is very delicate and fresh and costs around 8 euro. I wrote about it earlier and you can read it back (in Dutch) over here. I don’t really like the moisturiser from Essence, it lubricates badl.

The firming bodylotion from Niveau smells supernice and I like this one more then the one I got from Dove (I normally like Dove much more, but not this time)I got this lotion in my Goodiebag at the Grazia’s Blogger Masterclass.

P/Style Spy

That was my stash! What’s your favourite daily beauty product you use?