OUT with the old, in with the new. Ofcourse you’ve noticed my new layout! A lot of people really really liked the old one, and therefore one of my conditions was a new layout with the best of the old. So the homepage hasn’t changed that much. The same design with the photos but with a possibility of bigger photo’s then the old layout had to offer! Meaning: I gotta to work on my photography skills ;-)

Week 11

So what else was I up to? Well I was finally able to read the magazine I got as a present for my bday. It was all about sailing in Indonesia, pretty awesome right?

This tshirt from the Dutch LA sisters was eyewinking me so before I knew it, it was in my closet. I must say this is really a typical Evey tshirt ;-)

This week I also ordered my very first photobook online. It’s from the Dutch website Vistaprint. As a matter of fact I really hate making these books because of the time but also my lovely character: I’m a bit of a perfectionist! In this book I was finally able to show my boyfriend all our trips together. From the weekends at Belgium, the first roadtrip to the first holiday on the slopes! The last picture contained the sentence: What’s Next… I am really curious what cool locations I am gonna visite this year! 

How was your week? And are you as excited as I am about the new layout?