I'm back for tagged and the stress of it all struck again. I have so many topics that I want to blogging that you are still waiting for the Hamburg post, one I love Groningen Tag, a hotspot, a hotel review.. Maybe I should post some more frequently than every day? Can I make money with my blog and cancel my full time job? Yeah I thought so. So wait a little girls (and boys). First those Evaward (from Eva in Berlin), because we almost name mates are. And that tag just really fun.

P.s. a tag is a series of predetermined questions you need to answer if you are tagged and which, in turn, to pass to someone else.

1. Mini horses or sloths?

Mini horses, because sloths can I find ugly XD

2. Ice cream or cake?

Cake. I really don't like ice cream.

3. Series of movies?

Both, if I don't blog or sports I'm a movie or series. Boring man eh;-) Oja and I have somewhere in between a boyfriend.

4. What movie has anyone seen? Which is correct and really not?

Big Hero 6. The funniest animation I've seen lately and secretly also a jank film. The movie you must have not seen is Sharknado. I've tried because it seemed to me so bad. Not. Too. Do. Even my fear of sharks, I had forgotten, such bad Special Effects.

5. What's your favorite pie?

New York Cheese Cake. Alone due to the name.

6. Which city, next to Berlin of course, would you like to visit?

Tokyo and Sydney (last I am already been but I am so in love with become). Oh and the rest of the world.

7. On which blog post are you most proud of?

My blog entry for Nelly, I-unfortunately-have not won. I myself have laughed at the blog post, but apparently no one shares that humor?

8. Which three bloggers and their blogs would you like extra in the Sun?

Michelle, Anouk, Danielle because we faithfully follow each other for 4 years and such nice girls.


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9. Tell me what people just by reading your blog probably really not know about you …

I have a Cosmetology degree, usually a fish phobia and sleep in dirty hostels (save money or something).

10. Tag/nominate five bloggers to whom you pass this tag

Michelle, Liliane, Diah, Not So Stuffy & Travelaar

Win a Dakine Daypack

And I should give away presents! Have you seen my new back pack in the outfit post? I give now own a Dakine daypack by Luggage online road. What should you do? Let us in a comment that you want to win and follow me in any case on one of my social media channels or Bloglovin. Luggage online on facebook may follow, need not. They do have really nice bags! As my Mint green fifties Suit Suit! The action parts is sweet, but need not. I make the winner announced on Sunday!

akine backpack palm

Madness preparty

Friday I go to the preparty of the Madnes festival in the Galaxy. Via Style Spy you could win cards last week. The winners of my giveaway have now received an email. I see you out there? I sleep in a very nice boutique hostel in Amsterdam! Never been done before. Often it's either a hotel or a bad hostel. Super curious how that is!

And what was the weather to Longboarding this weekend. Xandra's picture along with Buddy we have my pink wheels put on the picture. These are great photos. And just now it pleases Mrs must (Xandra) to the edge city move.. So do you live in Groningen and do you want to shoot. Shout!

How was your week?