My mom and little sister are in Thailand for one week now and I wish I was there! Even if it was only for the food ^^. The smell, weird coloured fruit, special looking dishes, the sometimes awkward dishes… insects? I love Asian food!


Penang Maleisië – Chinese steamfood
Been there last summer, lovely food!

Hoi An Vietnam
they have this local recepe White Rose, I love the dumplings and pastries

Beijing- fried scorpion
On my list! The country, not this food :-)

India – De bakery
somehow, the bakeries in Asia are very good!

Singapore- Jack Fruit
delicious fruit! cut my fingers at the spines somehow… I mean how can you not :-S

Melaka- street foodies
Melaka  is well known for the delicious street food on the night markets; you choose something and they cook it for you right away! love it!

Pratunam, Thailand

Seoul South Korea
Fried fish?

Taipei, Taiwan- hotdogs
Glad those aren’t real dogs..

Yangon, Myanmar (burma)- varkentjes
different pieces of (real!) pig… on a stick. I thank you kindly, as in: no thanks!


What do you think of  Asian Food?

P.s. The give aways is now less time consuming. And my excuse for the sudden appear of old post via Bloglovin. I didn’t post the English translations ^^

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