What is backpacking? Is It something for you? And why do people backpack? For us it is the best way to travel. Book a (world) ticket, get your backpack, and go with the flow!

With the proper backpack tips backpacking isn’t uncomfortable and expensive, and we’ve got you covered there!

What is backpacking?

Backpacking is a way of traveling that gives you freedom. But what is backpacking exactly?

What makes backpacking different from ‘normal’ traveling, the way you travel …

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Backpacken: how to?

If you do it well, you can backpack as long and as cheap as you want and that’s exactly the (2nd) reason why I like to backpackin in addition to the lifestyle which appeals to me.

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How much do you pack for your trip?

There are few things that you really need to travel or during your holiday. I always say that you only need your creditcard and passport; others things can you buy wherever you want.

So how much exactly do you pack?

This is what you take on your travels

Packlist for a backpacker

Being well prepared is half the battle, right? So make sure that when you go backpacking, you have a good packing list with all you need listed on it! Just as our list!

What to pack: the packing list