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Here you will find our favorite travel websites and travel products that we use to travel cheaply and conveniently.

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In the Lonely Planet-the travel bible of the backpacker-state useful info about places to sleep, they answer questions where your train tickets can buy the best train tickets in Thailand and ask more where most travelers sit with them. We always have the Lonely Planet as a kind of Guide to us, but we do not follow indiscriminately everything that is in the Lonely Planet. In addition, you should sometimes go with the flow, that's backpacking! And consult other travelers, they often have the latest information/tips!

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Useful Travel Websites

Who's not crazy about a fly or other travel deal?. No one wants to spend more than necessary, anyway. We often let us determine by a deal where we go. We went for €500 (return) to NYC, before €475 (return) to Peru and for €30 to Dublin. Below is a list of some favorite websites to find cheap airline tickets:

Google flights-with Google flights you can search for cheap airline tickets. Google flights is a kind of comparison system that lets you see the best date and the best airline you can fly the cheapest. Through the world map you can see immediately which places you are able to fly cheapest from a destination you have completed.

TicketSpy-Here I find deals and I booked my ticket to NYC. Besides cheap tickets you will also find package holidays, very useful when you want to book everything in one.

We Fly Cheap-often has nice deals with ticket and hotel. A bit similar to TicketSpy

Geniusflight-is a search engine. You fill in from where you want to leave and what your budget is. It's kinda like Skyscanner, where you can choose ' Take me Anywhere '. Nice if you don't have a clue where you want to go.

Skyscanner-on Skyscanner You can search for tickets. You get to see different airlines that offer tickets to that destination. My favorite is the "search cheapest month" and the "search on a specific month". We have planned our route for the world tour: from where can we get cheap to which countries fly?

Flightmapper. Looking for cheap airline tickets? Then you should definitely find out which airlines fly from your destination. Check out the websites of the airlines in addition to the aforementioned websites. A ticketvergelijker may not always be up-to-date (they must also extract the information from the relevant VLIEGMAATSCHAPPIJ websites) and sometimes slightly more expensive than via the original airline.

Useful Travel Apps

Below you can find a list of Reisapps that we use. Most of them are aimed to not get lost:P and to find budget restaurants.

Use Google Maps offline. Making it available offline from your Google Maps will always be done when we travel.

TripAdvisor (free) just like the TripAdvisor website, you can search the app for reviews of hotels, restaurants and tourist hotspots all over the world. We use these apps in particular to search for restaurants in the area where we are travelling. Because it is the opinions of travelers we take a review earlier to be honest. Note, the apps is not available offline.

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Reisblogger Evelyn's Camera

Evelyn photographs and films with a Nikon D610. "Recently we have a Sony A6000 to film, so we don't always have a heavy camera with us."


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