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A world map that show my travels by ‘pins’ or flags is no longer on my wishlist since this week. I have a cork world map to show on my wall since this week!

The map consists of various adhesive parts of the world, which you can stick in the right desired order. You can also choose not to place Europe at the center (as we Europeans do) but stick the world from eg American perspective. With the supplied pins you can pin where you’ve been and possibly put a photo onto the pins. I can not wait to pin New York because as you can see, that side of the map is completely empty! I’m a bit selfish, because I have more and other cities / countries seen than my boyfriend, but kinda don’t want to pin his visited countries shall sacrifice a few pins from Australia?

The brown-colored cork looks also very awesome with my brown-ishe wall – if I say so myself. In the picture the wall incidentally seems dirty green and I have seen little daylight, so the top picture is a bit darker will you forgive my photography skills.

The disadvantage of the map? America and Western Europe are popped on the floor twice. Hopefully this does not happen more often.

Luckies werelkaart kurk, werelkaart, pins

De Luckies kaart is for sale in this Dutch webshop Fonq and is 100 x H 46 cm big.

Have you already got a worldmap to show your trips on the wall?