New Zealand is the place to travel around with a motorhome. You can camp in the most beautiful places in nature. If you approach it smartly, backpacking by New Zealand is best affordable and believe me: It's awfully worth it.

To give you a nice overview of the cost of a trip through New Zealand, we have selected for the convenience what the costs are for 3 weeks New Zealand.

Daily costs in New Zealand

How much your daily costs are going to be in New Zealand depends, of course, on the number of miles you want to drive, whether your shopping is going to be done or eating out, whether you go Freedom campen or not and what activities you are going to do. You can make New Zealand as expensive or inexpensive as you want. To give you a good example, we have collected a number of examples for you from our own journey, so you can estimate what your trip will cost. Want to see the detailed backpacking costs in New Zealand? Check out our Excel file.

Cost New Zealand per day
On average you can count on the fact that you spend about €45 per person per day. But that depends entirely on how you travel.

Groceries in New Zealand

Shopping in New Zealand expensive? Pick up the smart and buy big. We were able to find the larger supermarkets as much as possible

  • Pak'n Save is a huge supermarket in New Zealand. Here we bought as many things as possible. You can find the Pak'n Save in the larger cities, but on the South Island there are less. At the Pak'n Save you can also request a pass to receive a discount. Oh on the voucher you will also find a discount code for the Pak'n save at their own filling stations (which you find next to the Pak'n save. Always handy! We also often shop at the
  • New World also has fun actions; So we saved our own garden and we had lettuce in the camper (well, it never grew because my friend didn't understand that you should do the seeds in the potting soil:P)
  • and the Countdown!

On average, my friend and I lost 20 a day on groceries. That is 10 per person.

Side note:
We ate pretty often a cheese with crackers, a bag of dates and bought a cappuccino with a nice coffee-shop or (special) beers. It can therefore be a lot cheaper.


You can make sleep as expensive as you want. One advantage of the camper is that you can sleep in the camper and so can camping pears, also called Freedom Campen. You have to drop your motorhome on free spots. The spots are there for both self-and non-self contained campervans. Learn more about last? Read our tips for camping in New Zealand.

Costs for activities

Compared to the Netherlands there are an awful lot of activities in New Zealand and these are not cheap. But on the other hand you can do the fattest things. A boat trip through the fjords, canoeing over huge lakes, bungee jumping of 134 meters altitude, mountain biking over tree trunks and skydiving above Lake Taupo. Low-budget backpacking makes it very difficult in New Zealand. What does that cost? A number of hours of mountain biking in Rotorua costs $45, a boat trip across the fjords is from $45 and bungee jumping costs about $200 depending on where and if you want to have pictures.


Yes and with the daily costs you are not there yet because refuelling also costs a lot of money. The tank is quickly emptied because you drive 1 in a van and 2 there are mountains. So also by car it will cost you some money. The price per litre costs about $2.20. Where we sometimes found prices under 1.80 and sometimes had to pay a little more. That depends entirely on where you are of course. Oja and refuelling on the North Island is a lot cheaper than on the South!

Some examples of average prices in New Zealand

  • Camping in New Zealand: free up to $50
  • Hostel: $20 per night
  • Lots of errands for a few days: $58
  • McDonalds: $5
  • Fuelling average: $2.2 per liter
  • Mountain Biking: $45
  • A cappuccino: $4
  • Helicopervlucht over Mount Cook and the glaciers (55 minutes): $400.
  • Entrance Hobbit Movie Set: $79


Three weeks with the RV by New Zealand travel is a beautiful experience. And if you're on holiday, you'll want to get the most out of your holiday as much as possible. Are you going to travel around New Zealand just like us a little longer (10 weeks or more)? Then you can still choose where the most beautiful place is to bungee jumping or where mountain biking is cheaper. Go assume that for 3 weeks you spend about €1050 per person, excluding flight ticket and ferry.

It is a side note: I collected the prices for the period beginning of September through mid-November. Prices converted to euros. The costs can be much more expensive if you travel in high season (December to February) and prices are subject to the exchange rate!

Have you been to New Zealand? How did the costs fall for you?

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