Hey gals! If I keep writing with this speed, Ill never complete this 30 days challenge in 2 months, haha. Scusa, but I am very busy and I’m just quite some perfectionist when it comes to writing. Yeah you can hear it: the golden combination in these boring times, when people are hungering for readingfood! Well let’s start right away then, and go back to World War II (WWII). Not too long, but you need this history to get this romantic touch of the story, believe me!

During WWII, my Indonesian grandfather had to work on the The Bridge over the River Kwai. If you know the story behind that trail you probably know that it wasn’t the best time. But something good came out of this period, my  grandfather met my grandmother, who lived close to Bangkok at that time. They were at first not allowed to hang with eachother, but you know, Love conquers all and they lived happily ever after! During this happy time, they welcomed 9 children to their family and moved from Thailand to Indonesia, and from Indonesia to Holland.

Anyways, my mom is a mix of  Thai, Indonesian, Chinese, German, French and my fathers family is just plain Dutch. Which makes me a saladmix of all kinds…While I always thought that I was raised like primal Dutch, I noticed, when I was in Thailand, my mom did influence us by the food. All I could smell in Thailand was my moms kitchen! Exept for the stinky markets -thank god-, you sometimes have over there ;-)

I have a brother and sister. My sister is also my friend, she is just 3 years younger and we hang out quite a lot. Like this year, we go to a festival in Belgium together, but we can also laugh about throwing up after the carnival, it’s pretty weird yeah I know. When I was younger though, I hanged with my brother a lot. Because of him I also wanted to play on the Nintendo, collect dinosaur stickers and everything from the Turtles. My aunt wanted to buy me some dolls, but I headed straight to the Transformers at the toystore to score an Optimus Prime.. -which I eventually never received-  I got some My Little Pony’s, which also made me happy though!

I also have a dosen nephews and cousins from my age since my mom has 9 sisters and brothers. We used to hang a lot and one of my cousins is one of my best friends! She and I still live in the year 1995, the time of the Backstreetboys, where we could be in love with Howie en could still choose what we wanted to become (girlfriend of, ofcourse ;-)). So, my life is on the internet now. I did my very best to write as impulsively as possible to make this long text a bite more barebale ;-)

A little present for you beneath my post!