Sunday on december the 23rd of 2012 I had my first snowboaringlessons. I actually did some snowboarding before, but that was in an indoorhal. After the lessons last week, I freally felt like I was a real Rookie Rider. Read more about how I got from Newbie to a Rookie Rider. For dutch: click here

The first snowboardinglesson 

When I booked the holidays I also booked the 5 lessons and the rent for the snowboardmaterial. The snowboardcourse existed of 5 lessons, 2 hours a day from 11 am to 1 p. After that you had the freedom to exercise until the elevators closed arount 5 pm.

Day 1 was all about balance, we tried this at a ienie mieni hill, what wasn’t even a hill >_<. We learned to get balance by just locking one foot at the board. Also the tought us how to slide, which means that you can break very important! 

The days that followed, you learned to go up the hills by using the draglifts. Yes, learned, because also up there, balance is key. For me this was such a disaster, horror,  demotivator!  But it kept on going, thinking: “straight, bend your knees, don’t fall, dooon’t fall”. And everytime when I succeeded, I felt a relief and also some kind of victory, until I felt half way, which is more terrible because you have to go back and wait for your turn.

Les autres jours

After 2 days i managed the dragliftsinstead they managed me. I was ready to make curves. Even though i had myalgia, i kept on going. Butt, arms, even my belly hurted!

Eventually we had to vary the curves: just the right feet, bigger curves, slide backwards and so on. At Day 4 and 5 we exchanged slopes and the last day we had our “final” where our teacher mister Lyed, gaves us a piece of paper with our score. With that paper wee could get a book with our level stamped on it. And so my little adventure ended happily ever after ;-)

P.s. Snowboard decouverte is the equivalent of the Junior Rookie Rider
Foto’s/Style Spy

Hope you now have some kind of representation of what snowboarding is like? Skiing suppose to be more easy but I haven’t tried that maybe next time? Oh and love to be  featured in mijn blog as Boardchick of the week? Take a look over here.

Convinced going snowboarding?