Best sinter klaas (and Santa Claus if it fails next week). Last year, we drew up a wishlist for our boyfriends. Unfortunately, we have gotten for beauty on the slopes. That empty spot under the Christmas tree and those shoes at the door our boyfriends are not noticed.

As we enter this year again the snow we just do a new attempt to make fashionable (and hot) to walk away. But not with our boyfriends. Because that goes this year again not work. Christmas, did you know I in January just after my birthday a trip to the Dolomites go? What would that unicorn snowboard mittens still come in handy? Or that Star Wars facemask, how tough is that. Put a few cartons (for after the snowboarding of course) and a foxes thermo pants and my winter sports.

A few hints:


1. Cetek Kitten mittens
2. Celtek Gallery Mittens
3. Celtek Vera Mittens
4. Star Wars facemask
5. Celtek Tubular Bandana
6. TOMS snow boots
7. ASOS NICE AND COSY Slippers Let It Snow
8. Mosschino snow boots
9. Foxes Burton pants

And what do you have?