And I’m back in Holland. I am still a bit busy trying to organise my pictures from Barcelona and the AMAZING XGames, but they will be published asap! For new readers: I bought 3 tickets for 3 Xgames ‘shows’. And ofcourse I spent a few days in Barcelona, Spain: soon online! For today I made a selection of my favoriete health trends! Once home – which I am- I’m continuing Insanity Workout! Bring it on Shaun T, I’m feeling strong! 

Strong is the new beautiful
Yeah! I recently read a blogpost of a Canadian blogger where she talks about how “strong” changed her life (I can not find! Sorry!). She wrote that she wished that someone once told her that you do not have to have size zero but that ‘strong’ also leaves you with a good feeling. And I agree. What I noticed after 1 week of Insanity Workout, was that I performed some of the makes you wanna cry exercises better day after day! And the outcome of the fittest was more than welcome! It also gives you a nice feeling keeping up with your missed bus without being out of breath ;-)

Doesn’t this pic makes you sick?

Healthy foodies
Bio, smoothies, superfood. I welcome this trend and am happy that there are many, many people blogging about their delicious healthy cuisines ans recipes. I think healthy eating is way more fun with all those surprising, creative recipes. I now start with a smoothies breakfast since a month, for like almost every morning and it feels good!

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Okay dus vandaag ga ik weer starten met insanity workout. Nu twijfel ik, zal ik verder gaan met week 2 of opnieuw beginnen? En ben jij nu al begonnen? Let’s share our pain!