Goodmorning all! It’s a pretty, sunny and warm day here in Holland en most of you probably have a day off because it’s Pentecost! Today I will post the answer to a question. One of my friends once asked me how to get that glowing skin and because of that, and because it’s the weather to go bare legged I devote this post to Abigael!

A glowing skin can be characterized as a healthy glowing skin by using shineproducts, a highlighter, shimmery eyeshadow, shiny lipgloss and other shiny products. This look often gets mixed up with the sunkissed look, where you use bronzer and it look like you just got a tan like Lauren Conrad in the below picture.

The difference with a more matte look is the use of products. Ofcourse you use more matt products, like matte foundation, powders and even a blush without shimmer! Ofcourse you can combine the two looks and go for a matte look with shiny lipgloss. Conclusion for a glowing skin? Glow products!
I have to confess that a total glowing skun isn’t my thing. A bit of glow here and there suits me better, like Kim Kardashian.

It seems that Kim and  Jennifer Lopez (inventor of the glowing skin) are using Body Bling, a body moisturizer from make-up goeroe Scott Barnes. It’s a self tanner and suppose to be the #1 bronzer used by celebrities and make-up artists all over the world! A much healthier way to get tanned: self tanner with shimmer to get that glowing skin.

So what do I use?

P/me, www

The Illuminating Base from the brand Essence. This is a glowing base which makes sure your foundations stays on your face the whole day and gives you a little glow. The Anastasia pencil to “draw” some shimmer just below you eyebrows.

The white shimmer powder belongs to my make-up artist stash and I use this to highlight the cheekbones for a 3d effect!It’s from Make-up studio. And i have many many bronzing blushes and powders (thanks to my cousin ;-)), but I will come back to that when I post about the sunkissed look some day! ;-).

I don’t use any tanner by the way!

What’s your favourite look? Matte, glowing, a combination?

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