Doesn’t this look incredibly awesome? A rooftop terrace with outdoor cinema and delicious Mexican food? Oh did I mention that you have a view over the Andaman sea with an orange by the son coloured setting? This is by far one of the chillest restaurants where I’ve been. Not only is the Mexican food so incredibly delicious, you can watch a movie while enjoying a delicious Thai Chang beer. There are couches, hammocks and a cozy bar.

This was such a lovely evening that I forgot that I was bitten by sand flies that night (and had scary itchy bumps for days). Anyway, we were there with 4 friends from the Netherlands, so that did not spoil the fun!

Its a place to meet, greet and monkey around – so GO BANANAS!

Location: across Palm Residence and Tara Inn, just off Fresh Mart as you walk towards Loh Dalum Beach.

P. S. still busy graduating, but I could no longer take this hotspot from you;-)