Oh my how I  Iove shopping, says the little materialistic voice inside me. And actually I almost never post a shoplog on Style Spy, because I did not buy that much lately (I can live very wel on a low budget). But I have such an infinite list of things I want and when I spot them, I buy it in the context of what if I never see it again? I know I know, kinda bad..


So a few weeks ago I ran into an almost mint green typewriter. I was looking for it for months (a mint green Remington). So when I spotted this beauty in The Hage (city in Holland) I freaked out of joy and took it home with me even though it’s not actually mint green. But, what if I never find one more? Maybe I can sell it if I find the mint green little machine one day;-)


What I also shopped: top (photo) number Zara dress, which is ideal for work. Wear it with pistol boots underneath, but retaining my own cool kid style is the perfect combi ;-)
Furthermore, a skirt from New Look that I want to wear with a sweater and I also found new longboard shoes!


And? What do you think?