I don’t know about you guys but here in Holland the temperature is rising. Just when I was recovering from the flu, still am. I’m not fully recovered, but I’m sure getting there! And in all this hotness, this give away should be a good thing. You can win a mocktailkit! Now let’s hope this weather stays the way it is so you can enjoy the kit in this hot weather, right?


Young people and fairtrade. That’s the Dutch company Fairminds. With the Design Your Own productline the organisation wants to involve young people with fairtrade products you can use to make products yourself (Do it Yourself). Everything in this mocktailkit, ofcourse, is fairtrade: the ingredients come from fairtrade farmers, the sirup is on a biological base and the plastic cups for example are biodegradable. I made a beautiful sunset mocktail which you can make from everything that is in the kit! All you have to do to win this is give the post on Facebook a plus One, that’s all.