There I am again, for part 2 of the London journals. I’m in London for almost 2 months now, time flies! This weekend I’ll go back to Holland for the first time for school. I have to give a presentation about the progress I am making for my graduationproject. But it’s also nice to see everybody again ofcourse!

london update
But to flash back at the past two week. I said that I don’t have to get used to it, but I do start to find my ‘flow’. We go to town a bit more often and do nice things. The appartment is alsmost finished. Saturday the electrician will hang some lamps and the posters are in the house as well. So it’s almost time for pictures! On my blog I already published some sneak peaks photos, which you will find in this post as well.

Last week I attended bowling (is dat even a verb?) with the company I used to work for, which was so much fun. Even though I’m not the next bowling star, but two strikes is pretty good right? I also went to dinner with a friend from Belgium who lives here as well since a few weeks. And we also went to see the movies ‘Side Effects’ in the theaters.

Traveling in London
Traveling does have some cons. I work from 9 to 6, which means I travel during the busies periods of the day. In the morning I sometimes have to wait for 3 metro, untill I can get in. On the way back home, it’s a little less busy and there are days that are more quit around the traffic. But I would like to read my book and that isn’t always possible. And then I have to walk for a bit and look to the right. What is a bit weird, because I look left, right, left, right, for like a thousand times. Just to be sure there isn’t coming any bus or car. A few days ago I made a video from my trip to work, which you can check above this post.

Cycling in London
What also still suprised me is the amount of bikes over here. My graduationproject is about the bicycles over here and momentatily it’s also all over the news. I make a promotional video about cycling. But I’m terrified to get on a bike over here. First: you have to cycle on the left and second: It seems a bit scary cycling through the busses and cars. Just give me the cyclingroads in Holland. The campagn for cycling more and the construction of cyclingpaths is appropriate named:  Love London, go Dutch. Holland is the example when it comes to cycling.

Visits from Holland
The upcoming months I have planned a few visits. In the first 2 months, my parents came by, next weekend my sister will come and stay here with her boyfriend. And a few days after that, 2 good friends from Holland will come over. Very cosy, but busy as well ofcourse.

I’ll try to update you guys soon enough. And I will read the comments, so feel free to leave a comments if you want to know anything!

P.s. this post was translated in English by Evey (meaning that Evey is guilty of any English mistakes ;-))