Have you seen the latest limited collection of Ikea? The MYRLILJA and NÄTVIDE collections are both inspired by travelling! The theme around MYRLILJA is  a holiday feeling without worries and that’s what I get if I look at the pictures from the lookbook. Getting in the mood for the holiday is what you do with the NÄTVIDE collection where different cultures and people are centered.

The romantic and contemporary prints suits perfectly with my travel “disease”. If you come over at my place, you will find stuff from all of the places I have been, beer magnets, canvas photo from Australia, cups from Vietnam, tshirts and many more… And yeah there should be some (swedish) stuff to add to my travel collection, right? :-D

Both collections exist of pillows, scarfs, bags, towels, curtains and many more!

The collection will hit the stores at June the first in Holland. I don’t know if that will be the same story internationally. The NÄTVIDE collection hits the stores in august this year!

Is there an Ikea in your country?

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