Today, I decided to post a food diary since I’ve almost been non-stop posting photos from my Barcelona trip. And,  frankly I haven’t done much this week than insanity (yes I started again), eating healthy (with some burgers here and then) and going out. This week is about finding a new job, because I am almost graduated and my temporarily job is ‘finished’!

Anyways, hereby my diary from last week: Check it ouhout!

A red berry smoothie and grean tea (filthy but oh-so-healthy)

At the request of mejuffrouw Ekster, a Toko ‘shoplog’.

According to my mom: one of the tastiest tofu.

Ingredients for sticky rice & mango.

Love rice and meatballs!

This one is on Instagram and Facebook a lot my a lot of people: cinnamon, honey, red berries, linseed, yoghurt and banana!

Guacemole burger: a recipe by a friend!

I was asked to make a recipe or smoothie with Vita Coconut water, so these arrived last week.

The best contrast ever: hamburgers and insanity workout.

Well, hopefully you’ll find this an inspiring diary for now. How was your week? Healthy or not?