I traveled very minimalist when I was on my trip around the world. Sometimes I felt that I really had a lack of clothes. But that turned pretty good in the end. In addition to the large backpacks, my boyfriend and I carried, we also brought our longboards with us. With a goal to become better at longboarding. That didn’t turn out as good as expected. In New Zealand I crashed a bit weird (I call it the nipple slide, but no worries, I still have them). I got a speed wobble and slipped off my board like a penguin. You guessed it, on my chest.

After that crash I still tried a few Coleman Slides, because you should never stop if things don’t turn out right, so you don’t remember only that crash. But you know, I didn’t like the speed when you come from a hill. Yeah I know, I’m a sucker. But hey I’ve already passed my thirties, give me a break please.

In Hawaii I did a nice run along the coast of Kauai and I thought that graceful moving was actually much more fun. But a danceboard is a lot longer. And my own board was already a lot of luggage. Now that I have been in the Netherlands for two months, I finally made the decision (after months of searching) and bought a danceboard from the Frisian Timberboards (Dutch brand). Always good to support the locals. And wow! It’s a nice boad! Check it out on the Timber website. 

Why is dancing much better on this longboard? Because it is longer. That means that you have more room to do cross steps for example. I’ll show you guys real soon, for now: I’m still a complete failure. Time, gals, time!

Fancy longboarding and living in the neighborhood of Groningen? Come and visit us to cruise, downhill or dance together!