BOY we love roadtrips! Roadtripping through the United States or the amazing nature of New Zealand. Gambling money in Las Vegas, taking pictures of ourselves on Route 66 or take a walk in the Grand Canyon. Well, one thing is for sure: you’ll basicly need a comfy outfit with that. And with spring coming towards us, it’s time to replace our fluffy coats for a more summery outfit! 

Streetstyle brand Nikita has launched a collection called, The Roadtrip for the spring/summer of 2013. It’s in a name I guess, because boy, we girls love to roadtrip, right? If you like comfy (who doesn’t ) dresses where you, for a change can move into, and comfy sweaters, then this collection is yours.

Nikita was founded by snowboard/skater & designergirl: Heida Birgisdottir. Heida started the label back in 2000, as an owner of a skateshop. She couldn’t find any clothes she would wear herself, so with Nikita she mixes technical aspects from snowboarding with the comfort and style of skateboard & surfclothing.

Check the whole collection here. You can also check the swimwear collection and the going out collection- last one is awesome as well!.