South East Asia Travel Tips

Backpacken door Zuid Oost Azië: wat zijn de kosten?

Backpacking through Southeast Asia is very popular. There are different routes or trails that are well traveled, especially in the warm season from November to April. We Europeans, who don’t really like the sometimes really cold weather, love to escape to Southeast Asia. South East Asia is very popular amongst student for backpacking.

South East Asia Costs

It’s very cheap to travel in Southeast. I remember sleeping for about  $6-13 USD (5-12 euro) in Thailand. In Vietnam we paid about, expect to pay $5-8 USD (5-7 euro). In Indonesia, you pay between $8-10 USD.

They most common ways to travel in Asia are by bus and train. The bus is also the cheapest way to get around. There are so many people traveling in Asia, there’s also a bus going to that place you want to go.

Especially when you eat from the ‘streets’ street stalls) it’s very cheap to eat in Asia. Just for a few dollars or euros you have enough to survive the day. I experienced to pay between $2-6 USD (1-5 euro) for a meal (not kidding). But you should count on about  $2-20USD (1-17 euro). Also the local food is much cheaper than Western food.

You can do a lot of activities in Sout East Asia which don’t cost a lot. A daily tour costs about $12-15 USD (10-15 euro).

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