I wear men’s clothes for years. But now I can shamelessly go to the H&M Mens Department and not unsolicited tell te the sellingmister that this is a gift for my boyfriend, the latter has also never seen new garment hanging anywhere else than in my own wardrobe.

Last week I went looking for new fall outfits (for new job!) And I after a panic attack in the Zara, ended up in a chill skateshop. I told them I was looking for a non-skinny pants (because my legs are already so short) and sweaters with prints (you know, with palm trees and freaky-eyed cats). Secretly I looked at the men’s collection, but I couldn’t get myself from getting anything. After a conversation with the saleswoman about Billabong and Roxy (they no longer sell, because too expensive) they said everything was unisex (poehh, I’m happy because I had already said that I shopped for myself). This Galaxy sweater of Criminal Damage went home with me. And who craves this sweater? Yes, my boyfriend… hipsters we are!

You can find this Galaxy Sweater over here.

Are  you a Galaxy victim?