I’ve often wondered why there are dozens of pictures of almost identical poses in the same outfit of bloggers, placed on their “fashion’blog. Is it narcissism? To show how well you can pose, how handsome you are? Or is it to show different angles (right side of the vest, vest in the distance, vest close-up, left side of vest, material of the vest)? During my master’s thesis on self presentation of fashion bloggers, I did not focus on that matter, but it has always remained a question to me. I’ve never understood it. What I do know when we shot this outfit, we took multiple pictures. I liked all of them but two. Different angles like one looking to the right (my best side), one that I looked for something in the distance (because I have no idea how I should behave during a photo shoot), one that I supposedly casually took my hand through my hair (where do you put your hand?). But I thought that was an exaggeration, to put al these photos online.

A whole childbirth (as we like to name that in Holland) such a photoshoot. Since my new cambuddy Xandra and I practice photography, we have nice material to share on our blogs. Chapeau for Xandra, to make something fun out of an awkward moment (you should know how much time a shoot cost! 1. Knowing how to pose 2. Knowing where to shoot. Respect fashion bloggers). Xandra happily also feels as uncomfortable as me, so we have a lot of fun.

About the look

My style is a mix of everything. It’s just what I feel like to wear on that moment. One constant factor: there is always a combination of ‘the cool kid’ and feminine.

Vans hat
Adidas Samba, similar here
Vest H&M, same here
Shirt, Next