You know that feeling? You know something but can’t tell? I have it right now. I’m going to do something very awesome but I can not tell. I know there are many people who read my blog that can’t know. Mysterious ain’t it right? But! There are plenty of other fun things for me where you can take a nice spy into.

Style Spy

Last week Style Spy as you know today, existed for already 3 years! Jajh. Before that, I had all crazy blog names like My Style Lyrics (shame on me), New York Cheesecake (I Just love those!), Travel Junk (Yes I love traveling) (nickname) and a Aroundtheglobe blog. Funny to see how the blog names, but also the layout changes. And nice to see how a blogger grows in writing style and niche. Some articles I am ashamed as hell, but hey the past is the past.


I have recently started a wiki section including information on backpacking, South East Asia and Australia for the Dutchies amongst us. I’ll start working on the English version asap! Promise! Furthermore, my friend finally graduated, meaning we can go on a holiday together, like promised. A present from us! Someone got cool ideas for a cute vintage spot with a little culture?


In the menu you can now find a funsports section instead of board- and extreme sports. I like a lot more than just boardsports, but don’t you worry, boardsports remain a big part of the blog, like traveling. In 2015 I hope to have more fun things on the agenda the area of funsports and travel. During the Christmas holidays I was talking to an editor of a great magazine and a former marketing manager of a large boardsports brand in Holland, pinch me? There are some cool things happening! But not nakes skiiing. Have you seen this Valhalla video below ? :o


Ohh and I’m so busy with my good New Year’s Resolution (actually I had started it in December already). I have a new outfit, new schedule and I started with green shakes. Feels good to take care of yourself!

I saw the paper bag DIY Karlijn and sshe sent me a few paper bags. Above you see the result! Jajh or najh?

Do you have some nice resolutions for the year?
P.S. illustration made by me.

Until next time!