A while ago I asked you guys on my facebook page where you’d want to read about for the next Q & A. Anouk voted for Sydney and my mother for Bangkok. The rest took my poll as just a plain stupid idea (thanks guys ;-). Well, last Saturday travelled by train with Danielle of Food Love & Happiness, talking about traveling, especially across Sydney. My obsession then started over again! So I thought it’s about time we start a Q&A about Sydney! Scroll down for my short Sydney tips in Q & A style!

The first place I would take you?

Bondi Beach! Not only for the cozy beach houses and tasty surf dudes. The walk along the coast of East Sydney, the beaches of Bondi to Coogee is so great. The route stretches for about 6 km. You can do the route in about 2 hours walking, but if you know my pace, I warn you that it can alos take you a half day!

Can you go there for a shopping spree?

You can definitely do good shopping – there is a reason the AFW (Australian Fashion Week) exists! I do not remember the names of the shops (it’s been 5 years ago, give me a break;-)) but I remember they have some great tents in China town. Love love love all the surf shops in Bondi. Bondi Beach is where my obsession for Roxy started!

If you were going to the photo …

I would try to click yourself with a parrot in the Botanical Garden. Since the Opera House as standard.

What would you skip?

Winter (during the summer in the Netherlands). It is much more expensive to backpacking because you have to have blankets (they often rent them for quite a lot of money) or you have to travel with it. Not cool, when backpacking. The many typical barbecue parties are just not it and snorkeling will be in wetsuits. I was there in the winter, but had a blast though!

If you’re in need of quality time?

I would definitely not stay in a hostel, because you do everything together and share everything with strangers. Yes, also snoring. And yes sometimes couples share their quality time with others …

An active day …

There is enough to do! You can whale watch during cruises (although I do not know if that guarantees to actually see one), surfing, skateboarding, parasailing from buildings and so on!

The best way to explore the city

I’m a stingy (is that the right word?) backpacker and do everything on foot. If I had to do it over I would go biking the city or go with by skateboard. Skateboarders you see there everywhere!

Do not leave without …

Visiting the aquarium for free by entering through the backdoor. And experience an opera concert in the Opera House! Oh and all while enjoying takeaway sushi roll!

Did you know?
Sydney is a sushi mecca?

 Australia is fan-tas-tic! Who, oh who’s been there too? P. S. check out my East Coast top 3.