It’s been a while since I raced down the slopes in Austria. And secretly it feels a bit strange to have a snowboard month when the winter season is a little bit over (or so it feels here, right?). But we do it anyway. Today I share four of my favorite winter sports (snowboarding) documentaries you must see, even if you do not like winter sports and / or you do not ski, snowboard. Some will def give you the chill, guaranteed.

The Crash Reel
Kevin Pearce (22) was in an accident right before New Year’s Eve 2009. He fell during a dangerous jump and got a severe brain injury which caused a ten day coma. Before the accident, everything seemed to look good for him. He had the chance at the Olympics and scored one victory after another. The documentary follows Kevin some days before and years after the accident or years after the accident through home videos and other video and is supported by comments from colleagues and family. Kevin wants after his recovery again stand on the board, something his family does not understand and something which risks entails. Because what happens if he take a fall again, what is the effect on his brains. But Kevin is addicted to the feeling of snowboarding. Something I used to be totally understood. Why would you put your life on the line for an extreme sport? But for these people it is their life. They will prefer death by doing something they like then do not take action because they are afraid. And so it is only just. Do more of what makes you happy.

The art of flight

You have to see this movie. The images of the movie are stunning and breathtaking and keeps me wondering How the hell did they film it? This documentarie was filmed from the mountain, airplanes, helicopters, Go Pro mounted on the boarders and probably through a bunch of other perspectives. WAUW, quality camera work. If you only love the beautiful nature, you def need to watch this. I’ll promise you to see mountains where no one dared to set footand I understand why. Three meter broad paths of snow oh-my-gosh.

Also available on Netflix!


Snowboarding for me

A movie from 2014 about a few atletes who’ll take you into the world of snowboarding. Unfortunately more studio footage then real nature footage, but it doesn’t make the docu less interesting. Also quite beautiful if you prefer ski’s above snowboards, same passion right?

The little things

Another snowboard docu from 2014 which focuses on heavy environmental problems on an inspiring way. The movie makes it accessible and achievable to live a ecological responsible life.

And, do  I miss anything in this list? What are your favorites?