Always wanted to know what the nicest and most beautiful Christmas cities are? Need inspiration? Or daydream because you can own this year unfortunately not with Christmas? I have a top 4 composed of the best places to celebrate Christmas. Here you will find a number of destinations where you that the most beautiful Christmas is going to celebrate.

RovaniemiNew YorkNürnbergRejkjavik

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Santa Claus Village (Rovaniemi)

This, people, this is the place where Santa Claus lives, where he put his elves to work, where you don’t have to wait for the Christmas, here it’s always Christmas. Santa Claus Village receives for a hundred thousand visitors a year to this man with his white beard to meet in real life. But you can also make sleigh rides, gingerbread men baking or a Christmas letter to anyone whatsoever. Oh, and the Arctic Circle crosses the village what a blast!

How to get in Rovaniemi?

You can book a ticket to Rovaniemie in Finland and there take the Santa Express Yes those really exists! Check out Expedia for great offers.

New York

What is better than Christmas in The Big Apple? Thanks to Home Alone & Serendipity I falls in love on Christmas in New York. The Christmas lights, the cheesy music, a thin layer of snow, mega large toy stores, the world’s tallest Christmas tree (Rockefeller Center), the Home Alone scene in the park, mega large toy stores and ice skating in Central Park or Rockefeller.

I feel the green monster standing up if you will tell me that you are going to celebrate Christmas in New York;-)

[nectar_gmap zoom=”2″ enable_zoom=”1″ marker_animation=”1″ size=”350″ map_center_lat=”52.3747999″ map_center_lng=”4.8285748″ map_markers=”66.4970295|25.7162443| Rovaniemie
40.7034884|-74.1197638|New York
64.1325001|-21.9224814|Iceland” map_greyscale=”1″ map_color=”#f96566″ marker_image=”30859″]

Nuremberg Germany

Germany is hot! Yes, when we talk about Christmas markets. If you’ve ever been to a Christmas market in Germany, then you know that no one has a better, more beautiful, much more magical market stall than our neighbors.

The Christkindlesmarkt (Christmas market), in Nuremberg Hauptmarkt is the 180 stalls long most beautiful market! Toys, candles, gingerbread, candy and you let warm up while shopping by bratwurst and mulled wine characteristics this famous Christmas market.

In the dark it is all even more beautiful: coloured lights create a fairy-tale effect so they say. Christmas shopping, are you doing here as a boss, believe me!


Reykjavik is illuminated during the adventweken. Because it is very dark in the winter months is burn the slightly more than normal. There’s a nice market (Yule Town Christmas) where you can buy gifts and treats. Every day is different because artisans set up their stalls sometimes for only one day.

In Iceland there are no less than 13 (!) Santa clauses. Deep in the mountains lived the troll Grýla and her husband Leppaslúdii. Their 13 sons were the 13 Icelandic Santa clauses: the Middle, either the Joel men. This tradition comes from the Germanic winter solstice (yule). The Joel men get one by one from the mountains towards the Icelandic residences. The first Joelman arrives on december 12, the last on december 24th. They continue every two weeks. The last Joelman disappears on 6 January; the thirteenth day of Christmas (Þrettándinn). Thus ends the Christmas season officially in Iceland

. Unfortunately, peanut butter I went to none of above cities (with Christmas). Yet I feel, I know that we all secretly dream of skating hand in hand with which Baker Sir, or not?

And now I have to come up with a strategy to own all four cities in two days (25th and 26th of december, the Christmas season), must succeed anyway;-)?

Have you ever been to one of these special locations?