Are you into the winterseason, living in the Netherlands and would you like to indoor ski in the Netherlands? The indoor ski centers of the Netherlands are ideal to learn snowboarding or skiing and to improve your technique. Most of them even have real snow! My first time ever on a snowboard was in an indoor hall! Are you into snowboarding and are you (living) in Holland? Here are the most popular ski centers in the Netherlands!


This ski hall is the largest indoor ski slope in the world. There are five runs and eight lifts, including six chair lifts! It’s not really around the corner, and certainly not if you areliving in the north of Groningen, like me (or outside the Netherlands for that matter) but it has a red slope, a private 4-star hotel and real snow! Zoetermeer has three slopes and a lot of children’s activities. Furthermore, they have nine lifts and they claim to have the steepest slopes of the Netherlands with a reduction rate of 20% –

Where: Landgraaf and Zoetermeer


I was here in December with Chicky Clinics. There are two slopes, one 100 and one 230 meters long with, again real snow.
Where: Velsen

Skidome in Terneuzen has a Big Air in the fun park where you can land softly after performing awewome tricks. In Terneuzen there are two runs of 220m and 110m with real snow. The track in Rucphen has 4 slopes ranging from green to red and also a fun park for advanced.

Where: Terneuzen (Zeeland) and Rucphen (Brabant)

De Uithof

The slope of ‘the Uithof’ is 225 meters long and it has 4 lifts. For children and beginners there are special lifts. Also there is real snow!
Where: The Hague

Montana Snow Centre

Montana is located near Eindhoven in the south of the Netherlands and has a 140 meter long slope with real snow.
Where: Westerhoven

I reckon we have real snow in every indoor ski center!

Where do you go to in your country?

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