Behind these beautiful holiday snapshots and perfectly stylized pictures are sometimes also lesser moments. Especially now traveling more than ever is used as status and belonging it is important to also tell the lesser sides. Profile descriptions are dominated by texts such as ‘ Next: Land x ‘ or ‘ 20 countries and counting ‘-because the more countries, the better? The one after the other editorial shoot you see on social media transit. And God more than once I have also of those moments that I think “shitty, here I must also shoot a perfect picture”. But traveling is not always fun. There are plenty of lesser moments when traveling, as well as lesser moments also occur during the home life.

People who think more right to have a photograph than you are on an experience

Yes, of course I also make pictures, sometimes more than necessary. But I’ve had so many times that people were eagerly waiting for me because they want to take a picture. Fine if you like but may I also enjoy my experience (ugh for that word anyway:P)? A bunch with a tripod-and at a hugely unfortunate spot in the tight water-filled glow worm cave was eagerly waiting for us because it had to photograph him. There he stood with ‘ his face facing upwards towards the glow worms enjoying this miracle with no one around him as if he did not know that a photograph of him was accidentally made (because he was alone?) ‘. Fine if you make such pictures-but if you don’t want any other people on it, then go at another time and fall other people who don’t want a nice experience. Because we have as much right on the experience as you are on an (original) photo ?

Unwanted camping

In New Zealand I have read a lot about how the locals think about tourists – and especially freedom (wild, or free camping) camper travelers. On the camping-app for New Zealand, ‘ Campermate ‘, you can read per (freedom) campsite reviews of other travellers. Those reviews gave us very often the basis whether we would camp somewhere or not. On the South Island we were not bothered by angry locals. Only when we came to the north of the South Island, I read reviews about locals who bother camper tourists. Think of S ‘ Night with the car and rock hard music on the campsite parking, with the car drifting or you just say you are not desired. Once on the North Island I read such reviews more often and unfortunately we have experienced it once.

One campsite was between the houses of the inhabitants and the beach. During the day it is a parking lot, from an hour or six in the evening are three spots freedom camps pots. This means that the Government of New Zealand has designated this place as a legal place to camp for free.

We were comfortable for the motorhome with two other couples when a resident from his garden with a loud voice said that we were not allowed to camp here, but that the legal Campspot was a block away. That was of course rubbish because earlier that afternoon we noticed that you could not camp a block away. That is what I told him, of course, in neat words that he said he was not, but yes when the police come, he warned us.

We were comfortable for the motorhome to eat with two other couples when a resident from his garden with loud voice said that we were not allowed to camp here “

Later in the evening he stared at us for another ten minutes from his garden, creepy. That was the…

… at least we thought so. Because in the middle of the night I woke up a hard bass from a car. Then I heard young screaming and laughing. And the next day one of the other campers told me that the young were also still arguing. By chance or had the man of yesterday sent the young to us?

Camping at the coast of New Zealand

Notorious view of the neighbor:)

The infamous camping spot by the beach

Sick in ‘ third world ‘ countries

The final decision of what we eat food on travel is often made by me. I find eating pretty fast too expensive and want to try more local food than in an overhyped tent in an Asian country that is more often by a Western owner is no offense. Those are nice if you’re sitting on the local food or want a good cup of coffee.

Unfortunately I am or not good at figuring out a restaurant, the dish or I have weak intestines because throughout Indonesia I suffered from my intestines of which I really had to go to the toilet once on Lombok (Gili Trawangan) all day long. In Kuala Lumpur everything went well, but in Cambodia it was-again on an island-touch: At Christmas I had to stay in the bungalow again for a whole day. And if you think you’ve had the worst you’ll be on an island again: on Palawan my friend and I were both sick. Because I was dehydrated and fainted on the sink (which I came across as a stranger to consciousness) we only went with some reluctance for hygiene to the hospital. I kept a close eye on the needles when they were on the drip. Okay, those coming new from the pack I thought still. The rest of the night I slept with the howl of two people oo the background, I believe her mother and his wife had died, quite to for them, but also to me. The next sentence might not be fine to read if you can’t resist blood stories

Then the next morning the drip from my wrist was allowed-at last, because GATS what an idea-dripped the blood over the nurse hand and on the ground. Very hygienic.

Coron Hospital and infusion

With drip going on

Fortunately, after this nasty experience, I have not been so sick in Asia (knocking on wood). Call it habituation, stronger intestines or call it more hygienic countries (Thailand & Japan) or restaurants?

In addition to this experience, there are a few moments that I am not going to elaborate on but which I would like to mention:

  • From Krabi to Chiang we flew through thunderstorms and after fierce turbulence in which the plane left to the right, it was painfully silent on the plane, as if I wasn’t already afraid of thunderstorms and flies
  • The first day with the rental camper in New Zealand the camper had to be picked up by the road Guard (nothing serious but because the coolant was empty we could not drive the travellers car barn anymore.

The next time I also share the more fun moments. What was your bad experience last year while traveling?