It ‘s a pain in the ass and secretly also ridiculous, what do wear on a holiday ( in winter) , right? I laugh when I see some shots of people wearing their highest heels on holidays ( how do you survive that? ). But on the other hand, I don’t feel much for the shabby look. Every time I talk to my sister, she asks me what I take to New York , when it comes to coats and shoes. Do I take a decent coat with me? Do I go for my O’Neill winter jacket?

I have already written an article about wearing what during holidays, but never really stopped to think that during winter it’s damn difficult to look stylish and stay warm. All Stars were standard al the time, until I had problems with my knees, I changed them for my Nike Air Max ( see top photo in Rome ). But which aren’t exactly winter proof. My idol in style is fashionblogger Jules from Sincerely Jules. She is such a great fashion blogger that her job is to travel for awesome collaborations with super brands. Almost everything she wears I could (and something even crave) wear(ing) and it is also realistic: no nonsense: heels in the snow, i love you Jules < 3

When I saw Jules cooperation with Aritzia Northern Lights I was 1. jealous of her job as a fashion blogger, but 2. again impressed on how she managed to dress as fashionable and at the same time very practical . Yes, She is my girl crush !


Anyways to go back on topic, for my trip to New York, Jules has inspired me with her snowboots. I just wonder how that will work out for a longer period of walking? So far I’ve only experienced snowboots during wintersports. Once the snowboardboots went off I flaunted on my Moonbooties but purely to walk to the local pizzeria or to do some supermarketshopping in the cute little village. But, how will these be for a longer period?

The booties from Sincerely Jules (Ikki snow boots) are really amaaazing (expensive)! In addition, I continue to have a crush on white moonboots (mine are kind of a rip off from the original) and Sorel booties I find also very amazing, as shown in the upper right picture.

My sister is very likely wear Timberlands, not bad! Yeah, Western problems.

What would you wear for shoes (during winterholidays)?

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