Do you also like travel tags as much as I do? Today I share my 25 travel facts. Whew, a lot. From the first time surfing, the first time abroad to get sick while traveling and the fear of fish. I hope I can come up with enough stuff. Here are my 25 random facts travel!

1. The first time

My first time abroad was an exchange with Danish students. By bus from Groningen to Hinnerup.

2. I do like snorkeling but I’m afraid of fish

I’ve tried it many times – to learn t handle the fish- but I still fear them. I prefer to snorkel in places where I can stand so I can quickly escape from the water.

3. I blog about travel for over 8 years

In the first blog I told my stories on Then I had several blogs, named Reisjunk, New York Cheesecake and My Style Lyrics * shame. Style Spy is a keeper.

4. My first time surfing was in Bali

A local fromKuta gave us private lessons.

5. My favorite place in Asia is Luang Prabang

What a fantastic place. Clear blue waterfalls, gold colored temples, charming village atmosphere. Can I go there again?

6. I always get lost

I want to explore cities on foot. Spy on it myself rather then accompanied by a guide. But I get lost. All The Time.

7. I thought I had malaria

In Vietnam, after been in bed with a fever for days in the hospital, they thought I had malaria. After that they thought it was dengue fever. Eventually I was ‘only’ dehydrated and I have a nasty after taste from Hanoi.

8. I am afraid of fying

I flew over 40 times. The first few times I loved it. During one of the flights with Air Asia we flew through thunder and my cousin told me at that moment that my sister had dreamed that I died.  Talking about timing. Aside from that, I fear crashes. Not very useful for traveling, but I keep on flying, like snorkeling.

9. I haven’t seen much of Europe

I thought going far aways was much more exciting. I try to make up for lost time now.

10. I always wear all stars

They always come along. And if they don’t I’ll buy them on the go. They are not the most comfortable shoes to experience long distances, but they definitely suit most of your travel outfits.

11. I dream of Hawaï and Japan

Something I have not told you in my blog: I love manga, Japanese anime and gaming. I prefer to go to Japan in September, so I can go to the Tokyo game show what a nerd you are. What you D know, I love surfing and I’m in love with Hawaii. Call it slightly obsessed.

12. I always get confronted with animal cruelty

Terrible things I have seen. And it makes me realy sad. Drugged tigers, beaten elephants, monkeys on chains and birds in beer glasses. I would love to do volunteer work with animals some day.

13. You make me very happy with arcade halls

I find them fascinating, the arcades where you spend the whole evening. In Malaysia, my boyfriend and I spent a whole evening just in that hall. Of course not to miss in Hong Kong.

14. I was in the dirtiest hostels

Cockroaches in the shower and rooms without windows and strange stains, amateurish covered behind a cloth. You sometimes have t if you are on a budget I guess

15. I planned New York in detail

I had already written a whole book, before we even got on the plane. And not a day past by unprepared. I had to see everything on my list, and preferably as efficiently as possible. A bbit exaggeration Evey.

16. Istanbul is the city that has surprised me the most

When I thought about Istanbul I thought of Turkey, when I thought of Turkey, I thought of sunbathers and mass tourism, not really my thing. But Istanbul is so beautiful. There quickly will be a post on the blog.

17. I don’t like camping

Besides my experience in Australia (ok and that lanparty in the meadows) I do not like camping. That tent, all that grass, running with toilet paper, waiting for a shower bath. ewww.

18. I always go to Starbucks and McDonalds

Call it wrong, but it’s so easy to eat at McDonalds. In the Netherlands I will never go there. Starbucks was nice when it was not yet in the Netherlands. Still I can not resist the temptation.

19. I once got chased by an armored car

I was in Laos (Vang Vieng) went out for dinner and wanted to return to the hotel because I had problems with my neck. An armored car was driving with next to us with the same speed as us. I was happy that my best friend brought me ‘home’. When I was alone who knows what happened next.

20. I ran out of money in Australia

So I had to rebook my ticket to New Zealand and fly home.

21. I think telling where you have been a bit of bragging

It’s like showing how much money you have. Just enjoy your trips.

22. I would really like to live abroad

I was gonna intern in Suriname, Bonaire, New York and work in Silicon Valley San Francisco. It all didn’t happen. First one because I wasn’t scared to go alone, the second and third because I had no money and the latter because they couldn’t arrange a visa for Dutchies. What a success story;-)

23. I lost my credit card in Thailand

24. I’m afraid in forests

In Australia, I was afraid that a crocodile would come out of the jungle, that the Cassowary would attack me, or that we would be chased by a bear. In Malaysia, I thought I heard snakes. Yes secretly I’m not so tough. And secretly, you should not walk with me through the forest.

25. I secretly went through the back entrance to Sydney Aquarium inside

What do you have to confess ;-)?