A NEW WEEK has gone by! And we had some great temperatures here in Holland. Spring weather made sure I was working my ass of in my garden, got worn tires at my longboard. But also caused a mood for smoothies, healthy eating and working out more! 

House ‘mommy’

In the weekends I worked had in my garden, doing some raking and stuff. I had to laugh ‘seeing’ myself like that, I am not really the gardening kinda type. But my mom has had a garden for many years, so I guess it kinda runs in the family.

New stuff

My yoga mat arrived last week. So the roofterrace was my little yogaclass. I also received my beanies from Asos and American Apparel and no one understood why I ordered these in Spring! But I don’t care! Oh and check my new I left my bag on the frontrow!

Healthy livin ‘

Since three weeks I have been working temporarily at a shop as seo copywriter. A great job where my passions + seo text may be satisfied, we have a fridge where I can keep my fruit smoothies in and I have nice colleagues (2!). And the week was full of healthy stuff: bodieboosting, smoothies, beetroot juice and stay true to the gym! But I also worked on that yes I am still working on that thesis.

This week is a one of a kinda week. I have a review ready for you, am working on the BoardChick of the Month and there is a giveaway awaiting you (for Dutch readers only sorry!). And tomorrow I’m going to sell stuff at the flea market in Groningen. With the money from it, I want to buy Nike Free Runs 3 and save for travel (preferably Hawaii, NY or New Zealand!). Spring cleanup is so handy, because I have soooo much junk and I sooo fancy holiday!

Oh and here are the photos from last week >>

New in


New in

New in | Rooftop bamboo screen

Salontable, don’t mind the flowers!

[lightbox link=”https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-in-96bWeyOo/UX4-HF9ERnI/AAAAAAAAJKU/cfaNRq31VbU/w670-h648/IMAG1654.jpg”]


Me cruisin’

Ohh and I discovered the series: Girls. Go check it out, if you didn’t already!

What have you been up to? Was the weather great in your country?