The summer weather gives me a good excuse to hide me behind oversized sunglasses and a big flappy hat. Love it. The ultimate spy outfit (it’s all in a blogname). This time a spy in my outfit when it is neither hot nor cold. The ideal inbetween weather. Perfect to show my new items.

My little backpack from Peru, I scored with two other bags for my mother and sister on the market in Cusco. No item  is unique, so says the saleswoman, because they are handmade. I believe her , but I am always a little hesitant: it will not be the first time that I was involved in a scam. But I really like the bags. A few days before I bought a fake moon rock. Not that I really believed it was a stone from the moon, but it was not even a stone, but a piece of plastic. Tip: bite on it to check whether it is a stone ;-)

And then my flappy Monki hat. Actually, it’s just a bit too big. I have a another one from Asos which is size S that was slightly too small. And because there wasn;t a size M at Monki, I thought that L would fit me. At least in the store, but now when i cycle (and I do that a lot) the wind wants to blow it off. Small ‘shouldn’t have bought that one’. Anyone still interested in a size S and L, I have ordered a new M meanwhile.

And those oversized Fendi  glasses <3 I’ve bought at theDutchEye Wish Opticians. So far I almost only own sporty glasses and missed female looking glasses. Rule is: with each new item I have to sell an old item. So I have some sunglasses for sale. So I was looking for glasses that would suit my skate / boho look, like with this hat or a lace dress. One where you also hide behind it when you have a bad day (tip: if you’re not waring makeup one day and you think you look bad, just put on some sunglasses, good for photographs). Eyewish helped me a lot to choose sunglasses that suits my style and face. Something you obviously do not get on the internet in terms of service. After a few days I found out that the glasses slided a bit of my nose and I let them bend the legs a bit, so now it’s okay. Handy, because if you have the glasses on your head a lot, and I tend to do that a lot, then you stretch out the legs. And after a day at the beach, the glasses can also use some cleaning. I like buying items on the Internet, but I forgot the benefits of service in a store. All items in this picture I have bought oldskool (yes that is already oldschool) in a physical store.

What do you think of the look?