I’m suffering from a writersblock. No, not the one where I cannot think of a subject, but one where i feel stereotypey and decreative. Subjects enough, but i can’t seem to think of really good oneliners and type only boring intros. Sometimes I read old blogposts from the past weeks and then I’m like Why so serious? Hah, probably because I am working on my thesis, which makes me kinda serious (or just because I am just so damn perfectionistic). A definite con about the thesisfase is a lack of adventures, lots of coffee, loss of creativity and a head full of stress. But besides rewriting chapters of my thesis, I am liking my research a lot: it’s interesting and awesome. More about it when I am ready!

Luckily I made this post bareble for you guys with some photos ;-)

GOFFMAN: One of the founders of a theory I have been using in my research.

tomorrowland, bracelet, 2013

Oh yeah another two weeks left for Tomorrowland. And my new colourfull bracelet I got from Brunotti <3

blender, princess, princess blender, smoothiemaker

Present from my bro: a blender. I got around quite well with my older one life of a student ;-)

varens, groene tuin

Loving this: Jurassic Park inmy garden!

xenos, xenos houten letters, letters, xenos letter, letter y

A hunt for the letters Y Can you guess what it will be ‘saying’?

go pro, longboarding, longboarden, pink wheels, roze longboard, roze wielen, koastal

Testing the Go Pro!

brunotti bag, backpack, tas brunotti, longboarden, koastal,

Sneak Peek for this weeks blogpost. This photo didn’t make it into the post.

Well longboarding and enjoying the sun were a great after thesis treat. Have you guys done anything adventurous this week?