This is my weeks diary with some Instagram pictures from Queensday Holland, new purchases, view from my room, sporting and my new haircut!

Got some Qday stuff from my friends and wearing my sheer Mint blouse

This is our ‘shop’ when we were selling on queensday yesterday! It was a great Qday with my other 3 friends. I selled my unused Nikies, ballet flats, DC Shoes and some shorts

My newest nailpurchase, the Opi Ballet mini collection

I got a new haircut this weekend, I’m more Chinese now!

Some sporting during the week to get fit

View from my living room

My boyfriend took his camera with him, so I cant make pretty pictures this week

My friend bought these for me and took a picture of it.
She knows how much I’m into my little pony (i’m still a child, I know)

P/me, Diana

And my latest purchase, white blouse with lace collar!

How was your Queensday dutchies?