Christmas time, time to enjoy , but I know that some people of you have made ​​new plans : a few pounds off in 2014 to enjoy the summer in good shape or perhaps for a surfing holiday . Yes I know it’s easy to say : I really start after Christmas. But you don’t have to, because you can really survive Christmas without not eating or even not enjoying. It’s better to set youself a goal: not directly gain a number of pounds but stay the way you are. Oh and ps  gaining 3 kg in two days is pretty hard anyways.

Some things to keep in mind :
• Take regular servings : do not eat more than you would normally eat . So not five pieces of pork!
• Eat no more than necessary: think about how you are going to feel good if you eat a whole bag of crackers. Not cool huh? Do you think you’ll face difficulties ? Put a picture of a Victoria’s Secret model as a background on your smartphone : okay maybe not very realistic, but it often does work!
• Keep the daytime plain, do not eat less because you get a lot in the evening to eat: you’ll eat more because you’re hungry! So do not skip the breakfast and lunch + snacks!
• Drink plenty of water in between (= full feeling ).
• Alcohol is allowed, but do not take more than three drinks a day.
• Listen to yourself, eat only what you can find very delish (also here again : how do you feel after eating it?) and keep it up to two pieces per thingy.
• Take it easy with sauces and soda (which are the assassinators!).
• Take a break and you often find yourself quite full after a few minutes.
• Wear your best tight outfit and don’t go out in your sweatpants (is there even someone who does during Christmas : – P ) . So you feel quicker how full you become (bloating in your tight dress) and what outfit you still want to be able to wear over 2 months.
• And above all enjoy what you eat. Think about what you may eat! Think about it in advance so that you have a peace of mind during dinner!

And now I must also conquer dinner tonight at the Greek and gourmet tomorrow. What are your dinner plans and don’t you mind the extra Christmas pounds? Or did drawn some lines yourself? And of course, MERRY CHRISTMAS!