I found selfiesticks a bit silly. I never really liked the word selfie. But when I went to Peru, a selfiestickie seemed kinda handy. My regular photographer (my boyfriend, who I kinda forced into that role) couldn’t  join me to Peru. I didn’t quite know my travelmates that well before Peru and didn’t want to bother them with photographing me constantly (I am a blogger, yes). You never know in advance how someone thinks about photographing you all the time. No joke! One of my earlier travel companions once said something about it when I asked if she wanted to take a picture of me. Since then I am ashamed a little. Apparently a person can be on the photo a bit too much! Guess I just love my self too much?


Jajh or najh?

But about those selfiesticks. I have one called the Super selfie Stick. It costs €19.95 and can be pulled out to 1,10m! Very very handy if you don’t love yourself that much. My traveling companion in Peru also had one with her. And you can also buy at several other (web)shops) less than €19.95. The difference? The one from my traveling companion Carina was only a stick holder. You must use the self-timer. On my selfiestick is a cable attached that you can plug into you phone where you stick you headphones in. Using the button at the end of the stick takes the picture, whenever you want, no self-timer needed. That is, in any case, a jajh(!). And I have put the shame of the selfiestick a bit behind me, probably annoying my traveling companions, so that’s kinda a najh. But! Some travel mates were even grateful later on, because secretly the pictures are quite good with such selfiestick. Look below!

Oh my gosh, finnaly took a phote of me and a lama!

But, I find people who take whole photosessions of themselves (without a useful background) with selfiestick, kinda annoying. Try to at least take a photo of something useful. And secretly I make fun at people with selfiesticks (even though I still have mine). Anyways, I got over the shame of the selfiesticks a bit and have even seen tough guys (not the typical toerists) see with that thing. It’s OK, people, we may have one now. I say jajh!, exceptions to be made though. What do you say?

Mijn selfie stick kun je in ieder geval hier kopen. Meer selfiesticks? Ook hier kun je ze kopen, en hier.