I love autumn. Although I enjoyed the Parisian 26 degrees, I’m really looking forward to autumn! Why? I’ll tell ya!

Cosy evenings

Since the moment I walked through the Dutch bridge at the famous Musea in my town, I enjoyed the lightning in the dark, the cosy cafees and all the bicycles. When it’s autumn, the evenings are so much cosier!

Chocolate milk!
Althought I’m sort of following this diet (Bodieboost), I can really enjoy a hot choco with sour cream. And.. It’s allowed in autumn, right?


Watching amazing show
After my Paris adventure I really have to check season 6 of  Sex & the City again! (Carrie in Paris!). And I’m really really looking forward to the new season of Dexter(!), Gossip Girl and 90210! Rumours also say that the prequel of Sex & the City will launch at the start of 2013 (?). Bring it on!

What about you gals, do you like autumn?