The life of working fulltime. A full-time job and having blogging as a hobby means being less online. And that has not only to do with time. Just as much to socializing and relaxing. Because I have to admit, although blogging is much fun, sitting behind your laptop doesn’t make you relax, if you work behind a computer the whole day. You’re actually not really waiting to be on a date with you laptop at night. That explains why I often stick around to my minimum of one article a week! An article takes a lot of brainstorming with yourself writing editing, photography, editing again and sometimes filming ( and even longer to edit ! ) It is sometimes underestimated. But I think it’s all great fun, just takes some time before I get something online (or can even react on other blogs ) .


So while my folder with NYC pictures is exploding since a month, I’m already in another city ( London to be precise ). And while I’m typing this , I just arrived in my hotel room , my first work travel and my first stay in a single room. But I ‘m not alone , somewhere on another floor two colleagues are staying as well.

Starting tomorrow with a boot camp (a type of training ) and I believe that it’s going to be very heavy, hard work here though! Tonight I found out that Piccadilly Circus is on a 10-minute walk from the hotel and that there is a Topshop in this street winking to me oehlala. I ‘m not complaining , despite the heavy training. We are at a good location and while I work, I can go blog about London. And I’ve decided to directly publish because only sitting in your room is much more fun if you can do it while blogging ;-) So here are the first pictures from a life of full-time working and blogging !

Hope you are all fine!

p.s. wat vinden jullie van London?