Zonnebrillen met spiegelglazen

Mirrored glasses. You probably have seen them on blogs, in magazines or maybe you are one hell of a hipster and got one already since last summer. When I first spotted them at Rag & Bone, they were sold out in a new york minute! And they are a little bit prizy for something so trendy. But, nowadays, you can easily get them for almost a bargain, figurely speaking ;-) And if you’ll get your hand on one with an uvfilter, theyre not trendy but also functional.

I still love them so much! I wanted to buy one a few times (even the one with palmtrees), but it never came to it! Maybe this summer? They have them in various coloures, like blue/green, transparant or orange.

If you have no clue how to wear them of where to buy them, then you should definetely continue spying. I collected some pieces + streetstyle pictures! Enjoy!

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Chloe Sterk


What colour would you buy?