Something that has been on my mind for quite a few months now is the amazing Go Pro camera. You just put this camera on your surfboard and voila, you can share the waves with everybody who wants to see you on camera! Or what about jumping out of a plane, diving or just New York Fashion Week, like Chiara Ferragni from The Blonde Salad did.[one_half]A Go Pro is a small camera that is water, shock and speedproof, depending on the model. A must if you are a surfergirl, snowboarder or just an adventurer like me![/one_half]

Go Pro has recently released the newest, third, version with better filmquality! I wanted to buy this one just before heading to France for the slopes. But it is quite expensive, since you need all the equipment for it. Maybe I will find one on Ebay so I can film during my Barcelona trip or when longboarding through the city!

Boardchick Iris made her own movie with the Go Pro! And if you have any spare time, you should really check the following videos out! Makes you wanna buy one! 

And if you totally have no clue what to do with this camera, you can also put that thing on your hulahuup and be bored making turns ;-)

Adn? Is it on your wishlist as well?