Ouch, I’m a bit ashamed. I’ve been misses no show when it comes to the Weekly diary. There are moments I have no idea what to post #shameonme. So I decided to give myself another chance. I’m really sweet to myself, don’t you think? The Weekly diary is a spy into my office, blog and social life (oh well not giving you all the details, like my beerparty yesterday, I have to draw a line). Oh and SRPRS! I’m using my real name from now on: Hi, I’m Evelyn, nice to meet you!

So, last week I thought I would have an overdose of photos from the boardchick event I was gonna attend and an blogevent at a beerbrewery. Ofcourse I had to become Ill. And how. So, two unused traintickets, no content, some dissapointed boardchicks and a sore throat later.

What else happened behind the scenes.

I my best friend friend Gepke advised me to write outside my niche. I’ve been really thinking from the niche lately which send me into this bubble. I couldn’t write things about myself without boardchicks anymore. And yeah boardchicks is a part of me and the blog, but there’s more of me. Edit: blogger Karlijn wrote a nice piece about it (in Dutch). So this month I’m gonna experiment to loosen myself from the whole boardchick niche (if there is any?). I’m looking forward to your feedback by the way!

Oh and these conversations ar the best with a latte and a cookie. So my friend and I are waiting for this Sandwich place to open in my hometown Groningen. We found this photo of “Broodje Steef”, which literally means “a Bread of Steef” (must be a Dutch name). Love me a bit of humor.

II yoga, meditation and rest was on last weeks agenda. Every monday I attend yoga classes to mediate and to stretch and loosen my back for a bit (computerwork ain’t the best). And to rest my mind for a bit I like to take my fixed gear to the Dutch countryside. I love the contrast with my colourful purple fixie and the countryside. Do you see me in between the cows?

III would you gals like it to read a bit more about career and blogging. I’ve got some interesting ideas (at least I think so) about strategics and digital media.

P.s. did you spot the WordPress Pin It button on the blog? With just one click you can start pinning on my blog, like these pretty photos of London. First #blogtip :-)

IV I’ve been saving for this one big trip, one day. En yeah money is an issue when it comes to materialistic things. I can’t spend everything for anything. So I’d like to spend my money on secondhand stores. Above photo shows my newest buys, what do you think?

photocredit: gepke

Let me know if you like this section to come back? Can’t wait for the feedback!